Business Lines

Flooring Division


Lonseal flooring supports the foundation of our living spaces.

At Lonseal, we pride ourselves by using creative inspiration and cutting-edge technology to develop flooring materials that address concerns for safety and the environment. We supply flooring materials that are found in various living spaces including schools, factory facilities, condominiums, hallways, medical and assistance facilities, retail spaces, and many more.

Waterproof System Division


Lonseal sheet water protection system stands up to natures environmental challenges by protecting the roof of buildings.

Lonseal was the first manufacture in Japan to succeed in manufacturing and developing waterproof sheeting made from vinyl chloride. We have been providing customers with reliability and peace of mind for over 50 years. We continue to consistently improve the basic functionality of our waterproofing materials. Lonseal’s constant pursuit of excellence goes beyond waterproofing technology by adapting our products to a variety of living spaces.

Transportation Flooring, Film & Wallcoverings Division


Lonseal wallcovering products coordinate fashionably in living spaces.

Wallpaper is most frequently used interior decoration material inside our living spaces. Our wallpaper products focus on design, quality, functionality and health and safety. Our wallpaper selection is available through major nationwide distributors in Japan.


Lonseal’s transportation flooring materials and polymer films play an active part in people’s lives every day.

We use our expertise, high-quality raw materials and advanced processing technologies to develop flooring products for trains, buses and other vehicles, as well as substrate films for semiconductors and electronic components. Lonseal’s reputation of reliable high-quality products is not only earned in Japan but also supported by our growing sales internationally.

Housing Materials Division


Lonseal housing materials coordinate renewal of your house.

For members of owners associations and house residents, we will introduce you to Lonseal’s housing material products.