Vinyl chloride resin which protects the global environment/About vinyl chloride resin used for Lonseal products/Lonseal have been providing various vinyl chloride products to a wide variety of industries since release of a product for which a vinyl chloride material was used in 1947. The raw material, vinyl chloride resin, has the least load on earth resources among plastic materials and is appraised as a resource-saving material with high recycling efficiency. Also it emits less CO2 than other plastic materials during manufacturing. Moreover, it is also adopted for medical equipment and product packages all over the world for its high safety and useful in various scenes of daily life as a human- and eco-friendly material.

In addition to building materials, Lonseal also develops and sells floor sheets for the railroad and bus.
We believe that in development of these products with high publicness, we ought to have a barrier-free viewpoint assuming usage by various people, make every effort to improve the safety to prevent accidents, and be aware of our responsibility to contribute to the society culturally.
Lonseal will continue to develop and manufacture products truly needed by society based on the client needs and convenience of end users.

Our dedicated products designed specifically for railroad vehicles with high quality, high durability, weight reduction for energy saving, and flame resistance are widely adopted not only for domestic railroad vehicles but also for foreign vehicles including world-leading Shinkansen vehicles.
Our products are compliant with laws required for floor coverings for railroad vehicles.

Lonseal develops a floor coating material for cars which obtained Fire-Retardant JABIA. We provide it for various purposes.
It is adopted for a wide range of purposes from bus vehicles including large and medium sized buses such as route buses and tour buses, small-sized buses, microbuses, to trucks, bus vehicles, and specially-equipped vehicles with various equipments based on passenger cars.