Our dedicated products designed specifically for railroad vehicles with high quality, high durability, weight reduction for energy saving and speed up, and flame resistance are widely adopted not only for domestic railroad vehicles, but also for foreign railroad vehicles including world-leading Shinkansen vehicles.
Our products are compliant with laws required for floor covering for railroad vehicles.

Characteristics of floor coverings for vehicles

High quality
Our products sufficiently satisfy the standards specifying requirements for railroad vehicles that are high quality requirements.
The standard for flame resistance of railroad vehicles is strictly defined by laws and all of our products conform to the standard.
Railroad vehicles used under severe conditions require high durability. Our products have more than two times the durability as general building materials.
Environmental response
About 25% weight reduction is possibly compared with general products. Weight reduction of floor coverings contributes to weight reduction of vehicles and our products contribute to the speed up of vehicles and reduction of environmental loads including reduction in power consumption.
High quality design
One of the characteristics of railroad vehicles is that there are various designs. We provide products with various original designs including print types to produce such characteristic.
Foreign standards
Vehicles for export may require conformity to foreign combustion standards. We succeeded in the development of products compliant with the BS standard of Britain and DIN standard of Germany. We can provide products for all kinds of vehicles including vehicles for export.