Functionality floor materials

Antifouling/Toilet floor materials

Waxless floor sheet

Introduction of SANITALEUM

The thick UV cured resin layer provides strong protection from dirt.
The vinyl floor sheet is protected against dirt even when no wax is used, and dirt is easy to remove.

Urinary resistance

The color of SANITALEUM is not changed by urine.

With the UV hardened resin layer, the color of SANITALEUM is not changed by urine, toilet cleaning sterilization chemicals, mold-remover detergents, nor by urinary stone scavengers used for toilet cleaning.

Accelerated test Accelerated test

[Test method]
Put a drop of urine on a floor material, leave it for four hours at 40 degrees C and 80%RH, wipe and dry the surface, and confirm the change in the tone.

Super antifouling

SANITALEUM does not require the application of wax.

The vinyl floor sheet is difficult to get dirty even without wax, due to the thick UV cured resin layer provided.
Even if it gets dirty, the dirt can be removed easily with a squeezed mop, and its smooth surface does not damage the mop.

Anti-outgas/Clean room floor material

Significantly reduces the total outgas generation rate

Floor materials without outgas generation required for high-cleanliness clean rooms

In high-cleanliness clean rooms used for manufacturing of electronic parts and precision equipment among others, it is necessary to prevent outgas (molecular substance) generation that reduces the yield of semiconductors. Removal of highly-volatile plasticizers and materials causing outgas significantly reduces outgas generation in clean rooms.

Volatile loss rate test

We put a 10 cm square specimen sheet in an oven with an agitator heated at 100 degrees C and measured the volatile loss every hour.

Volatile loss rate test

We confirmed that the weight of LONCLEANLEUM changes only a little by volatilization even after 72 hours in the volatile accelerated test by heating at 100 degrees C, and its volatile loss is much smaller than that of the former products.

Flat anti-slip


Safe even on rainy days

“Flat anti-slip sheet” is a patented product with special anti-slip resin mixed in the surface layer. It has high anti-slip effect even on smooth floor sheet surfaces. It is hard to slip even on rainy days and secures the safety of walking.


Easy maintenance

Easy cleaning

General anti-slip floor sheets have uneven surfaces, so dirt easily accumulats in the concave parts, which deteriorates cleanliness.
“Flat anti-slip floor sheet” has a flat surface, so it can be cleaned relatively easily by cleaning daily with a wet mop.

Easy maintenance

Poolside floor material/Thermal insulation function

Restarea HS prevents temperature rise of the sheet due to direct sunlight!

It prevents the sheet from getting too hot for children to walk barefoot even on mid-summer poolside.
Thermal insulation test

Measure the surface temperature with a thermography and surface pyrometer after leaving the floor sheet for four hours on a concrete surface lit by direct sunlight in an outdoor environment with temperature of 37.5 degrees C and humidity of 35%. 2 to 5 degrees C temperature reduction effect was confirmed. (In-house test result)

Solar reflectance (infrared reflectivity)

Solar reflectance (infrared reflectivity) indicates the infrared reflection performance related to temperature rise in sunlight. It indicates that the higher the value is, the better the reflection performance becomes.

Conductive/Antistatic products

Electrical characteristics

Prevent static generation
and attenuate static electricity charging human body to prevent various faults

Static electricity is generated by frictions between the floor material and shoes and charges the human body, which causes various faults such as malfunctions of computers, destruction of semiconductors, and increase in the defective rate. For places where static generation should be prevented such as factories, including electronics factories and computer rooms of offices, floor materials with high antistatic performance. These places are suitable which prevent static generation by friction and attenuate static electricity charging the human body.

Division of floor materials by electrical characteristics
Antistatic floor materials Antistatic floor materials

Reduced static generation to attenuate the static electricity charging the human body.

Conductive floor materials Conductive floor materials

The electrical resistance and the human body charged voltage are lower and the static inhibition and attenuation performance is better than those of antistatic floor materials.

Support for floor heating and humidity

Special structures optimal for floor heating

It is hardly affected by the ground work and can disperse moisture effectively

Cracks and protrusions on the groundwork of the floor can cause dents and bulges on the floor finishing surface especially when a floor heating system is adopted.
The groundwork concrete is likely to generate cracks due to repeated expansion and contraction caused by turning the floor heating on and off, and therefore it is important to choose a highly crack-resistant floor material.

Products for vessels

Introducting LONLEUM SS Flooring materials for vessels

There is no boundary between the sea and land for Lonleum.
Lonleum supports secure and safe navigation.

Type approval of the flame-resistant surface floor coating material for vessels

LONLEUM SS has obtained domestic and foreign certifications of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) standard based on The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS).
  • Class NK (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai) type approval number 01FPA33CF
  • EC MED (EC Marine Equipment Directive) Nippon Kaiji Kyokai Rotterdam Office (Netherlands) type inspection (Module B) certification number №2001-016-MED-R4 subject vessel flag: European flag
  • JG(Japanese Government)(Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)Type approval Number; No. F-594

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Products for vessels