Antiviral technology/Being the material itself is antiviral, security is supported for a long time.“LONPROTECT” developed by Lonseal is a novel technology to add an antiviral activity to everything. Application of this technology to anything reduces the risk brought by viruses attached to its surface. For example, using this technology for surrounding items such as commodities as well as floors and walls of tall buildings and houses can make every portion inside the buildings antiviral. Being the material itself is antiviral, security is supported for a long time. The “LONPROTECT” technology of Lonseal provides a sanitary and secure space.

“Antiviral technology” applicable to various things
from small to large things

Antiviral technology
For sickrooms as well as rooms with high virus risk such as operating rooms and ICUs.
For inside the school buildings as well as stationeries such as pens and scissors.
Research production facilities such as food factories and pharmaceutical factories
Keep inside the facilities clean including inspection rooms, locker rooms, and cafeterias.
Nursing home
For halls and cafeterias where elderly people with weak immune system gather.
Nursery school/Kindergarten
For classrooms, lunchrooms, and toys which many children touch.
For places and items to handle foods such as kitchens and cookware.
Retail stores such as supermarkets and convenience stores
For places where many and unspecified people touch such as carts and escalators.
Vehicles such as buses and trains
For items which many and unspecified people touch such as seats, straps, and rails.
For floors and walls as well as furniture such as chairs and tables.

So many latent viruses growing in our living environment

Now the widespread antibacterial functions are expected to be effective on bacteria such as O-157 and MRSA, but its effectiveness on such viruses as norovirus and influenza virus is yet to be confirmed. To reduce virus risks, continuous antiviral effect is expected to be effective.

Recent virus-related problems
  • Concern of global spread of COVID-19
  • Spread of seasonal diseases

    – Food poisoning problem of norovirus
    – Influenza group infection

  • Concern of global spread of SARS coronavirus
  • Problem of infection of highly-virulent avian influenza to human
Virus types
Basic structures of viruses
Enveloped viruses Non-enveloped viruses

– Influenza virus
– Herpesvirus
– Rubellavirus
– HIV virus, etc.

Avian influenza virus
[Source] Avian influenza virus: Provided by the National Institute of Animal Health, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization

– Norovirus
– Rotavirus
– Adenovirus
– Poliovirus, etc.

[Source] Norovirus: Web site of Okayama Prefectural Institute for Environmental Science and Public Health

The “LONPROTECT” technology having an antiviral effect

Confirmed solid antiviral effects on representative viruses

LONPROTECT floorcovering showed 99% or higher antiviral effect on virus A in an hour.
On virus B, LONPROTECT floorcovering showed 99% or higher antiviral effect in 24 hours.

Make every portion in facilities antiviral by the LONPROTECT technology

Using the LONPROTECT technology to various things spreads antiviral effect to walls and floors among other places where many people gather in schools, hospitals, and such.