Custom-made / Film base materials / We unlock unlimited potential of films by making use of our manufacturing technologies cultivated for years.

Lonseal has been manufacturing and selling PVC films since 1948, and the films have been used for various industrial purposes and supported a wide range of industries all over the world.
Now with our technologies cultivated for years, we are manufacturing thin films of 100µm or less by process.
We provide high quality custom-made films in response to requests from customers using our technologies proven through years of experience.

Characteristics and applications of products

Features Flexible PVC film
(Lonace FV)

– REACH support
– Composition design without phthalate plasticizers
– High applicability
– Formability

Rigid PVC film
(Lonace NP)

– REACH support
– Mix without plasticizers

Flexible acrylic film
(Lonace AC)

– Weather resistance
– Properties similar to those of flexible PVC
– REACH support
– Mix without plasticizers

Newly developed products Antiviral PVC film
(Lonace LP)

– Antiviral
– Combining the characteristics of the normal PVC (newly developed products)


Base materials for industrial tape, decoration, stickers for media, packaging materials, and masking

Decoration films for architectural materials, stickers for media, packaging materials, and masking

Stickers for media

Decoration films for building materials and medical

Flow of development

Please feel free to contact us.All of our products are custom-made based on requests from customers. Please contact us if you have any other requests than the contents displayed.

Please enter the following items when contacting us.

– Thickness
– Width
– Material
– Color
– Regulation type

  • Request hearing Request hearing
    Arrangements regarding requests (thickness, width, color, volume, regulation, and performance)
  • Design Design
    Consideration of the composition design based on requests
  • Trial production Trial production
    Trial production in our actual article production line
  • Confirmation and verification Confirmation and verification
    Confirmation of processing suitability by the customer/Extraction of problems
  • Delivery Delivery
    Start of mass production