Notes for viewing the Web site of Lonseal Corporation

Thank you for visiting the Web site managed by Lonseal Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “we/our/us”). We provide information on our Web site (hereinafter referred to as “displayed information”) under the following conditions. Those who use our Web site (hereinafter referred to as “user”) shall note the followings:

  1. The copyrights of the displayed information belong to us excluding the information specified that the copyrights belong to third parties. Users shall not reprint nor copy any of the displayed information without our permission nor violate any other copyrights. We are not responsible for violations of rights of third parties by users using any of the displayed information.
  2. Though we make reasonable effort for the accuracy of the displayed information, we do not guarantee that the displayed information does not contain any errors, omissions, etc. nor is accurate and complete. Also we shall be able to correct, delete, etc. the displayed information at any times without notice.
  3. We do not explicitly nor implicitly guarantee in any ways that the displayed information has merchantability (normally expected quality, performance, etc.), is suitable for a specific purpose, does not violate any rights of third parties, etc.
  4. When using our Web site and displayed information, failures such as character corruption, data gap, error, interruption may occur depending on the condition of use. We are not responsible for any damages (all direct damages, indirect damages, lost earnings, etc.) on customers caused by such failures or by the usage or unavailability of the displayed information.
  5. We do not handle information provided from users as confidential one. Please do not provide any confidential information. We appropriately handle personal information with which the users can be identified such as full names, addresses, etc. of users contacting from our Web site, based on “the Personal Information Protection Law.”
  6. When linking to our Web site, please gain our approval in advance. However, after approving the link, we may cancel the approval at our sole discretion. If the approval is canceled, the customer shall stop linking to our Web site immediately. We are not responsible for the link source Web site.
  7. For disputes regarding the usage of our Web site, the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive primary jurisdiction unless otherwise specified.

We shall be able to correct, delete, and add these conditions as needed.
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Recommended environment for viewing our site

We recommend the following environment when using our site.
Even within the range of the following environment, trouble may occur in display and some functions may not be usable depending on the combination of the browser and OS
(including usage of beta and preview versions, etc. of browsers and some add-ons). Please note it.

  • OS
    – Windows OS: 7 or later
    – Mac OX: 10 or later
  • Browser:
    – Internet Explorer 10 or later
    – Latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera
  • Screen size
    – 1,440 X 900px or more (MacBook Air 13 inch or larger)
  • Video
    – IE10 or later (*This is because the video tag of html5 cannot be used in the former versions)