Bus vehicles are divided into route buses used for transportation in public and tour buses that are used for comfortable travel in tourism.
For route buses, floor coating materials considering slip resistance, visibility, and durability are selected. For tour buses, the materials with good design are selected with the emphasis on the comfort of the indoor space.
Lonseal provides floor coating materials to satisfy the basic performance and meet the requirements and our products are widely adopted.
Our floor coating materials are also adopted for various specially-equipped vehicles.

Conformity to the domestic and foreign standards

Fire-Retardant JABIA
Materials used for cars are required to obtain Fire-Retardant JABIA certification. Lonseal provide products with Fire-Retardant JABIA.
Slip Resistance JABIA
We provide products which comply with the “Act for Promoting Easily Accessible Public Transportation Infrastructure for the Aged and the Disabled” and satisfy the provision “the surfaces of the floors of public buses shall be finished to prevent slipping.”
Low-floor standard
Low-floor buses are buses that are not only for healthy people but also elderly and disabled people can use safely. For the purpose of their propagation, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism sets the standard specifications. Lonseal provides registered products compliant with the standard specifications.
Foreign standards
We provide products compliant with the standard required overseas such as GB8410-2006, FMVSS302, and VDA270.